What Do You Need to Know
About Building Applications With Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a major revolution in how software applications are developed and sold.

Cloud Computing offers software development organizations an elastic supply of computing power and resources. You only use and pay for the resources you need. When you no longer need those resources, you no longer have to pay for them. You make no up front commitments, and there is no need to buy the maximum amount of computing resources you need.

This is ideal for small to mid-size business, or startups that do not want to run their own data centers, or maintain the expertise to run infrastructure. Economic resources can be devoted to developing software applications. Maintaining infrastructure is not usually a core competency. If you have occasional need for massive computation, or occasional bursts of online activity, cloud computing is ideal.

As usual with any disruptive technology, the transition is not always smooth.

New applications should be designed specifically with cloud computing in mind especially with regard to scalability, security, availability, and data modeling. Moving existing applications, not built with the cloud in mind, can be especially challenging. You have to begin to think of software in terms of services, not just applications.

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