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Michael Siefel will give two talks  at DevTeach on December 2 and 3, 2013 in Vancouver, BC.
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Michael Stiefel is an authority on Service Based Solutions and the Windows Azure platform

Are you frustrated by software architects who cannot understand your business?  Do you find that the people who understand the business cannot get their ideas translated into good software?


Michael Stiefel, president of Reliable Software, Inc. can help you solve these problems. He can take the big picture and formulate strategy, and then make it real with the appropriate development tactics.


I understand how to take a business need and translate into a solution. I can talk to a CEO, CIO, CTO, or a CFO, as well as a developer, or tester. I know how to make the business model and software a seamless whole so that the human process and the software process work together as one. Agile processes work just as well during business planning as they do during software development.


The theoretical basis for this work comes from investigation and teaching at MIT about the mental models used in both rational and emotional human decision making.


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