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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A colleague sent an article about cloud computing to me. I found this interesting nugget inside. Apparently precipitation can be a problem inside of a computing cloud.

"This isn't the only problem faced by SHS. According to Hruboska, "We set up in Iceland because of the lower costs associated with cooling our servers in a northern climate [a huge savings and environment friendly] and because of the availability of cheap, geothermal energy. What we didn't expect is that by running our cloud in a cooler environment that the moisture within the cloud would condense, freeze due to the low temperatures, and effectively snowcrash our servers. Our physical maintenance bill is higher as a result but our overall expenses are still lower by hosting our servers here outside of Reykjavik." Other companies are operating server farms in Whitehorse, Helsinki, and Vladivostok for similar reasons and are running into similar condensation problems as SHS."

This was quoted from: Dr. Dobb's Agile Update 04/09

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