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Monday, September 22, 2008

"Software + Services" is Microsoft's representation of what a large part of the future of computing is going to be. Microsoft, however, has not done a great job of explaining what "Software + Services" is.

Based on what I have read and heard, let me try to explain it as I see it.

The fundamental question that one has to ask is "Where does computation happen?"

The obvious answer to everyone today is: "Everywhere".

 We compute on mobile devices, appliances, desktops and laptops, and remote computers. We communicate with text and voice.

Everybody understand this. The key question is: "Why?"

I think the answer is because "Hardware is cheap, and data is expensive to move."

The late Jim Gray did an analysis1 of the economics of distributed computing. His analysis came to two conclusions:

1. Put the computation near the data. Unless you have something that is very compute intensive, it is much cheaper to not move the data.
2. If you need data from multiple sites, push the processing closer to the data source by filtering the data early.

The assumption here is that telecommunication prices drop slower than Moore's Law.  So far this has always been the case.

The natural conclusion is to do the computation where the data naturally resides. In other words: Do what makes sense. Some things will be in the cloud, some things will still be on the desktop. As long as Internet connectivity is not ubiquitous, and not always connected, you may have to cache data somewhere. Depending on the mission criticality of your application, a few seconds could be a long time.

As Ray Ozzie put it in his MIX Keynote, we live in a "World of small pieces loosely joined."

Software + Services means some things will be services in the cloud, others will be software as we know it today.  That includes mobile devices and appliances that we are learning to love and hate, just as we have always done with traditional software.


1. MSR-TR-2003-24 "Distributed Computing Economics"

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