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Thursday, November 05, 2009

One of my clients, ITNAmerica has become a Microsoft case study for the idea of software + services. The idea behind software + services is that software should run where ever it makes sense: in the cloud, on the desktop, or on a mobile device, not just in a thin client such as a browser.


Latency, bandwidth limits, and the need for software to  work if the connection to the cloud disappears makes this a logical approach.  Anybody who has tried to get a cell phone signal should understand the issues about continual connectivity.


Curt Devlin, a Microsoft evangelist, demonstrates another reason why this approach makes sense. It makes the transition to a cloud provider such as Azure much simpler.


If you want some further ideas on how to take a software + services application to a cloud platform. Check out my recent ARCast on "Software + Services in the Cloud."



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