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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I have uploaded the slides and code for my talk on Windows Azure at the Microsoft MSDN day in Boston on January 22.

The talk was a combination of slides from several PDC talks with some of my own additions. I went through the fundamental architecture of the Azure cloud operating system and the basic elements of the Azure cloud services (i.e. Identity, Workflow, Live, SQL Data Services).

I did two demos. The first was a simple thumbnail generator. It illustrated a simple, scalable architecture using web roles and worker roles that used the primitive Azure operating system storage for blobs and queues.  It also demonstrated how you model and configure a cloud application. The second, using the SQL Data Services, demonstrated how to integrate a non-cloud application (on a desktop or server) with the cloud. The app used a variety of industry standard mechanisms (WS*, REST, HTTP Get) to create and query data.



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